The Story of our Studio

Photo of Michael Krisch, Founder of Communal Craft

Michael Krisch,
Founder of Communal Craft

Communal Craft was born out of frustration—a frustration that products today are built to last a year, not a lifetime; a frustration that too many companies use materials that save money and maximize production, not ensure longevity and sustainability; and a frustration that the trades that built this country have been moved overseas or disappeared altogether.


Communal Craft is an independent design firm specializing in custom furniture for residential clients. Our focus is on bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside. We place emphasis on community, building furniture and objects that bring people together.

On Process

Communal Craft seeks to reconnect the builder with their process. From the way in which we manufacture our goods, to the personalization and experience that accompanies every item we sell, Communal Craft aspires to be different.

All of our goods are handcrafted in our studio in New York city. We don’t use power tools, not because it is the easiest thing to do, nor the fastest, but because we believe in the methods used for centuries—methods that help us feel connected to everything we produce.

Every piece we produce begins with a consultation with our client. During this process, we determine the style of product, the type of wood, the design of accompanying hardware, and the finish on the piece. Once particulars have been decided, our builders get to work. Depending on the item, this process can take anywhere between 2 weeks-3 months.

On Durability

Each of our pieces is handcrafted in our studio in New York City. Every item is made entirely of hardwood and/or metal--you won't find particle board, or veneer anywhere in our studio. Furniture should be made to last generations, not one-two years.

All of our woods are air dried for equilibration prior to use. We prefer to use natural oils and protectants whenever possible. If a heartier finish is required, we are happy to talk through the various options available.

Our hardware is hand-forged and welded American metals. Our most common hardware is cold-rolled steel, which we leave raw unless the client prefers a different finish.

On Sustainability

Each of our pieces is crafted using locally-sourced, salvaged wood. This means that every item we produce comes from a tree that was cut due to disease or storm. All woods are domestic, and most woods come to us from within 250 miles of New York City (while some arrive from as far as Maine and Vermont).

Upon the completion of each piece, we plant a tree for good karma.